Willerby Carr Lane Primary School
School Day
       Our school day officially begins at 8:50 am. Children should not arrive earlier
        than 8:35 am unless attending the morning club.

       08:50 am       Registration and Lessons

       10:10 am       Assembly

       10:25 am       Break

       10:40 am       Resume Lessons

       12:00 pm       Lunch

       1:15 pm         Resume Lessons

       2:15 pm         Break

       2:30 pm         Resume Lessons

       3:30 pm         Finish School

        Supervision is provided on the KS2 playground for 10 minutes before the
        start of the school day. Please note that if your child arrives before this time they will not be  
        supervised and the school cannot accept responsibility for the safety of your child.
        Pupils should not be on the school grounds before 08:35 am. There is no supervision
        provided on the playground before the start of school in KS1